Welcome to Central Coop!

Central Co-op is a community-owned natural foods cooperative open to everyone, with locations on Seattle’s Capitol Hill and in Tacoma’s West End. Owned by our shoppers and workers, we’re a complete grocery store dedicated to high-quality products, sustainable practices and strong relationships with Washington farmers and artisans. Since 1978 Central Co-op has specialized in providing fresh, organic, bulk, and local foods and supplements for our shoppers’ health and enjoyment!

Upcoming Events:

An Evening with CommuniTea

Meet Christopher Joyner, founder of our Seattle neighborhood kombucha brewer, CommunitTea, and sample his traditionally-made product! RSVP required.

An Evening with Rainbow Cloud

Meet Rainbow Cloud owners Shane Hart and Leland Harmell and learn about and sample their kombucha and kefir water! RSVP required.

So Many Dills!

Blue ribbon dills are among the easiest and best tasting dill pickles you can make...