Featured Favorite: Six Strawberries Artisan Ice Pops

First things first: Six Strawberries Artisan Ice Pops are totally delicious. All the pops are dairy-free, and made in Seattle with as many local ingredients as possible. Their flavors run from classic to creative, landing them a spot on Seattle Refined's list of the 5 Best Popsicle Spots in Seattle.

Six Strawberries is a member of Seattle Made, which supports Seattle makers and manufacturers (Central Co-op is a Founding Partner). The people behind the pops are Vanessa Resler & Will Lemke, Seattleites, born & raised: A recovering CPA turned Karaoke host (Vanessa) and a filmmaker (Will). Incidentally, they also love to make delicious pops!

Vanessa and Will vend from an adorable bike-cart, a vintage 1966 Econoline, and from pushcart in Seattle’s farmers markets, festivals, and on mobile routes. Six Strawberries pops are also available for catering year-round, and in select stores in the Seattle area--like Central Co-op! Find them on our freezer endcap across from Wellness, with the Washington ice cream.

More at www.sixstrawberries.com

Top right: Six Strawberries strawberry ice pops [photo: Six Strawberries]

Bottom right: Will sampling Six Strawberries pops at Central Co-op [photo: Six Strawberries]


Date: Wednesday July 01, 2015

Category: In The Co-op

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