Prepare for a Plethora of Pears!

Pear season is here in the Pacific Northwest and we've got so many varieties for you to choose from! But how to decide which one is right for you? Here’s our short primer on the Northwest pears we have for you.

  1. D’Anjou: The all-purpose pear with an understated sweetness. Eat out-of-hand, in salads or roasted or grilled.
  2. Star Krimson: Great for salads or any other fresh application when you want a burst of color.
  3. Bartlett: Perfect for canning and using in syrups, preserves and chutneys. All great fresh, especially with cheese.
  4. Red Bartlett: Very similar to the green Bartlett, with more a more intense color.
  5. Bosc: The perfect pear for cooking due to its firm, dense flesh. Poach it, broil it or bake with it, the Bosc will hold its texture and shape, plus its flavor won’t be overwhelmed by strong spices.
  6. Seckel: Exceptionally sweet, these mini-pears are a perfect choice to send along to school as part of a healthy lunch.
  7. Concorde: Another great cooking pear that’s also good fresh. Concordes also are slow to turn brown, making a good choice for salads and cheese boards when appearances count.
  8. Asian: Crunchy, sweet and extra juicy, Asian pears are great on salads and also useful for cooking, where it can be used wherever apples are called for.
  9. Tosca: Smooth, sweet and juicy, Toscas are similar to Barletts. They are great to eat out-of-hand, poached or in baking.

Here's a sampling of interesting pear recipes from respected food blogs:


Date: Tuesday September 26, 2017

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