Summer Picks! Check out our favorite products for summer.

Our staff experts picked out some of the best stuff around the store to make the most of this summer, from Washington-grown ice cream topping to summer skin care to delicious fish to throw on the grill.


Adam, Assistant Grocery Manager

Bow Hill Heirloom Rubel Blueberries, 3lb bag: $26.99/ea
Grown right up in Bow, Washington, Bow Hill’s frozen blueberries are a special, smaller heirloom variety —that means they’re packed with flavor, making them perfect for smoothies and on top of ice cream.


Wayne, Meat & Seafood Manager

Halibut: market price 
BBQ this beautiful white fish on the grill with a touch of salt and pepper. If you choose to use a marinade, choose a mild marinade with a short marinating time. Enjoy with a squeeze of lemon and asparagus, salad, or a nice mango, onion and cilantro salsa!

Don’t forget the wine of your choice; Jeff (our venerable Duke of Drinks) recommends Bouchard Père et Fils Chardonnay.


Angela, Deli Manager

Here are two brand new picnic‑perfect dishes that we’re whipping up this summer — both are vegan and made without gluten!
Teriyaki Tempeh: $9.99/lb
Marinated in deliciously sweet teriyaki sauce.
Fennel Slaw: $7.99/lb
Fennel, cabbage, and carrot tossed in a white vinaigrette.


Tim, Grocery Manager

Honey Mama’s Cacao Nectar Bars: $5.99/ea
I’ve given these as gifts to a few people so far, and every person has loved them. They’re handmade with raw honey so they’re actually nutritious, and incredibly rich. My favorite is the Peruvian Raw flavor, made with sprouted almonds and raw Peruvian cacao.
Chirps Cricket Chips: $4.99/ea
These are the first tortilla chips made with cricket protein. They’re a great on‑the‑go, high‑protein snack!


Sharon, Wellness Manager

Badger Sunscreens: $15.99/ea, Summer Sale!
Badger’s entire sunscreen line provides full‑spectrum UVA/UVB protection, plus it’s safe, biodegradable, effective, and family friendly. It goes on white, but then it actually rubs in!
Uncle Harry’s Colloidal Silver Aloe Spray: $10.99/ea
Feeling like you could use a little refresher on a hot day? Just mist some of Uncle Harry’s Colloidal Silver Aloe Spray onto your face to bottle chilled in the fridge for an extra‑cool mist. It’s perfect for sensitive skin too.

Date: Wednesday July 01, 2015

Category: Summer

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