Winter Fruit Brings the Sunshine!

Fight the gloom and get some Vitamin C by checking out some of the great organic fruit available in our Produce Department! We've got plenty of ripe Pineapples(1), boxes full of Satsumas, Ruby Red and Oro Blanco Grapefruit and the exotic Yuzu Lemon(2). Look for sales on Valencia Oranges, Ataulfo Mangoes, and Pomegranate Arils. Coming soon you'll be able to try Algerian(3) and Daisy Tangerines(4) and the Black Twig Apple(5) from Jerzy Boys of Chelan, WA.

1. Pineapples are ripe when slightly soft to the touch. Pineapples will not ripen further once they are picked (starches will not convert to sugars), but if slightly underripe leaving it out at room temperature for a few days will reduce the acidity.

2. Looks like a larger, oblong lemon with a pebbled skin. It has a very tart and acidic juice and the sweetness is concentrated in the zest. Used most often for sauces, jams, liqueurs etc.

3. Small, easy-to-peel, with low amount of seeds. Very sweet.

4. A cross of Fortune and Fremont, reportedly superior to both of its parents. Easy-to-peel with moderate seeds and a rich sweet/tangy flavor.

5. Very similar to the Arkansas Black apple. Sourced from Jerzy Boyz farm in Chelan, WA.


Here are some intriguing fruit-centric recipes from our favorite food blogs: 

Persimmon Yuzu Curd from Food52, Great on a tart, spread on a scone, or spooned over ice cream

Yuzu, I zu from Food52, a sweet syrup for mixed drinks

Mango Habanero Black Bean Taco from Love & Lemons can also be made with pineapple

Chili-Orange Veggie Bowl from Love & Lemons, featuring pomegranate seeds

Teeny Lamothe’s Grapefruit Pomegranate Pie from Serious Eats




Date: Tuesday December 05, 2017

Category: In The Co-op

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