Corey's Bulk Days Recommendations

Corey holding toffee


Bulk Days is coming January 11-13, with 10% off all bulk products!

Nobody knows our Bulk department like Corey, our Bulk Foods buyer. He’s offered us some insights into some of his favorite products in the department.







Sweet Treats

Peanut Butter Hemp Bites (made by Pure Bliss), $11.99/lb
Tart Dried Cherries (made by Hummingbird), $20.99/lb
Coconut Almond, Raisin Pecan, and Cherry Apricot Granolas (from Tallgrass Bakery), $11.99/lb
Milk or Dark Chocolate Bliss Toffee (made by Heavenly Candy), $14.99/lb


Farro (from Bluebird Farms), $4.99/lb
Black Lentils, Beluga (made by Timeless Natural Food), $3.99/lb


Cocoa-dusted Hazelnuts (made by Hummingbird), $19.99/lb
Roasted Hazelnuts (made by Freddy Guys), $13.99/lb
Curry Cashews (from Tierra Farm), $15.99/lb
Sea Salt and Onion Cashews (from Tierra Farm), $16.99/lb
Raw Cashews (from Equal Exchange), $15.99/lb
Raw & Sprouted Almonds (from Hummingbird), $22.99/lb

Oils & More

Bulk Vanilla (from Singing Dog), $21.44/pint
California Olive Oil (from Bari), $6.99/pint
Maple Syrup (from Natural Value), $12.99/pint

Date: Friday January 05, 2018

Category: Tips & Ideas

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