Central Co-op is Your Source for Uli's Famous Sausage

UPDATE: Central Co-op members are invited to join the founder and mastermind of Uli's Famous Sausage on May 1 for an evening of storytelling and flavorful inspiration. Read more.

You may have first encountered Uli’s Famous Sausage at a football game, on a ferry or at their Pike Place Market Bierstube, but now you can get every flavor of this fine handcrafted sausage right here at your Co-op!

That’s right, Central Co-op is now the only place outside of Pike Place where you’ll be able to find every one of Uli’s dozens of varieties, both fresh and smoked, from Cougar Gold Cheddar Bratwurst to Mens Room Original, from Heavy Garlic Chicken to English-style Lamb.

Meat & Seafood Manager Beth Gilliam is excited about this new partnership due to Uli’s dedication to high-quality local ingredients and freshness.

“They make the sausage a day before we get it,” she says, “It’s really clean, really fast, and they can give us really great quality.”

Uli Lengenberg, owner/operatorThen there’s their secret weapon: Uli himself. Uli Lengenberg, born and raised in Germany, came to the area from Taiwan after meeting his Seattle-native wife there. A self-described “fully-blown German master butcher,” he surveyed the sausages made in the area and came to the conclusion that he could do better. His philosophy: “You do the best that you can do because you want to eat it yourself.”

Because the sausage’s quality comes from good ingredients, freshness, and Uli’s culinary knowledge and flair, the Uli’s Famous Sausage facility doesn’t have a lot of machinery,

“You need a grinder, a stuffer, tables, cooling and spices and then you’re there,” Uli says. Add in a bowl chopper for creating coarse textured varieties and a wood smoker for smoked goods and, “that’s all you need to make great product. Keep it simple.”

We want to make it simple for you to find the Uli’s sausage that you like best. That’s why we will be having a sale on a different Uli’s Famous Sausage every week, with samples in the Meat & Seafood Department every day from 5-7pm. Drop by and taste what Uli’s dreamed up!

Uli photo credit: Neil Krivonak – No Mad Pix LLC


Date: Wednesday March 21, 2018

Category: In The Co-op

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