Spring Grilling Presents: Mayo and Beyond

Of all the condiments that may grace your burger, perhaps none is more taken for granted than mayonnaise. Sure, there are connoisseurs of kraut and mavens of mustard, but Central Co-op stocks several varieties of mayo that deserve their own appreciation! Such as…

Sir Kensington's Classic, Organic and Avocado Oil Mayonnaise, plus Special Sauce, Reminiscent of a traditional French remoulade with a touch of paprika, a dash of mustard, and the crunch of pickles!

The Ojai Cook Lemonaise Refreshing, lemon-infused flavored mayonnaise! On sale: $3.49 (reg. $3.69)

Primal Kitchen Mayo and Chipotle Lime Mayo Made with avocado oil, filled with antioxidents and healthy fat.

Spectrum Organic Mayo (On sale, 12 oz: $3.69, reg. $6.99), Canola Mayo (12 oz: $3.99, reg. $5.49) and Organic Mayo with Olive Oil (12 oz: $4.99, reg. $6.99)

Mystic Lake Dairy Low Sodium Canola Oil Mayonnaise


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Date: Wednesday May 23, 2018

Category: Spring

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