It's Time for Tomatoes!

It’s the season for fresh tomatoes in Washington! You know, the kind of tomatoes that make you happy to be alive. The kind of tomatoes that remind you of why you have taste buds. The kind of tomatoes that make clear that those pink, crunchy monstrosities on fast food hamburgers are tomatoes in name only. We are pleased to be featuring tomotoes from local farms like Billy’s Gardens in Okanogan County, where Bill Alstott has been perfecting his tomato game for 35 years.

Here’s some tips on enjoying fresh tomatoes in the freshest ways possible in…






Billy’s Gardens was founded by Billy Allstot. Billy was raised on a fruit ranch only a few miles from his current farm in Tonasket, in northeast Washington’s beautiful Okanogan County. At age 20, Billy bought his first fruit farm. He started growing vegetables in 1972, to fill in the rows between the young apple trees. In 1984, Billy met Stephanie Blackstad, who began raising flowers, herbs and greenhouse plants.

Today, Billy and Stephanie grow a large selection of plants, herbs, flowers and produce, including organic tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplants, basil, greens, summer squash, winter squash, four varieties of cherries, and strawberries. The exceptional quality of Billy’s Gardens produce is due to over thirty-five years of farming experience and nurturing of their certified organic soil.

Date: Tuesday July 31, 2018

Category: Summer

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