Alvarez Peppers are Here!

It’s pepper season in the Yakima Valley, and the Alvarez family are recognized experts on the fine art of growing peppers in Washington. We're thrilled to offer their peppers at our Seattle store!

Alvarez Organic Farms (family-owned and located in Mabton, WA) has over 200 varieties of peppers. When you walk the fields you never know what you are going to find! The amazing thing about pepper plants is they cross pollinate, and you can have a whole new pepper just like that! Most people think that it is not hot enough to grow peppers in Washington, but that’s not the case. They begin planting in February and place the precious seeds in green houses.

They treat their pepper plants like their babies! They need constant attention from the perfect amount of water to staying up all night to stoke the fires, so they stay warm. Once the peppers begin to sprout and have some height on them which is usually the beginning of May, they transplant them into the fields. By this time the weather in Mabton is in the 70-80’s and it only gets hotter from there! By the time Alvarez Organic Farms bring peppers to the Co-op starting in July, their weather has hit the 90’s and even the 100’s giving the peppers their great flavor and gorgeous color!


Date: Thursday August 30, 2018

Category: Fresh Pick

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