Don't miss nectacots from Collins Family Orchards!

Now in the Co-op: Nectacots! A cross between nectarines and apricots, they look like a big round apricot, and the flesh has the texture of a nectarine.

They're juicy, sweet-tart, and wonderful. They combine deliciously with vanilla, almond, fresh lemon, basil, mint, ginger, black pepper, or cardamom. Or let your imagination guide you! We love these other flavor pairing ideas for stone fruit, too.

Look for nectacots and other stone fruit from Collins Family Orchards--we'll get it as it's available! 

About Collins Family Orchards

The Collins family are 3rd and 4th generation farmers in Selah, Washington, growing delicious fruit using sustainable methods, and tending their orchards focusing on quality over quantity. From apples and pears to cherries and stone fruit, Collins Family Orchards produces fruit year-round. They do a fruit CSA from summer to fall, and they're at farmers markets in and around Seattle during the market season--and available right now at Central Co-op!

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Date: Thursday July 23, 2015

Category: Fresh Pick

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