Owners, stock up and save on stuff we carry and on stuff we don't!

Did you know? You can place a special order for anything you find in the store, plus lots of other things you don’t see — just ask! Owners take 10% off preordered cases any time, and 15% off if they’re picked up during your Owner Discount Days shop!

Placing a special order

Visit the Central Services desk or call 206-329-1545 (Seattle) or 253-888-4288 (Tacoma).

Just let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

Here's some helpful insider tips for special ordering from our staff:

  1. Most, but not all, special order case items come in a case of 12. Ask us and we’ll let you know what the case size is for the item you’d like.
  2. Special orders placed by Friday morning can often be available for Saturday afternoon pickup.
  3. We can order many different wines and spirits that we don’t normally carry. These you can special-order by the case, or the each. Owners receive a 10% case discount on 6 bottles mix and match (except during ODD).
  4. Keep an eye out for sale items for even greater savings! Our bimonthly sales flyers are located at the front of the store at both locations, and online.

What might you order, you ask? Some popular options:

  • Convenience on-the-go with your favorite protein and chocolate bars.
  • Stay hydrated with a backup supply of coconut water.
  • Stock up on pantry items for a rainy day – maybe soup, canned beans, or tomatoes.
  • Get your smoothie supplies from our great selection of frozen berries and other fruits!

  • Keep a supply of tuna and kipper tins on hand for healthy protein and easy meals.

  • Save on bulk products! We can order most bulk items in 5, 25, or 50-pound increments.


Date: Friday July 24, 2015

Category: Tips & Ideas

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