Tropical Fruit is in Season!

While the farms of Washington are largely dormant this time of year, the tropics are turning out fantastic fruit for us to enjoy. From old favorites like pineapple to less common choices like Formosa Papaya, these fruit can bring a burst of sweetness without much preparation. But for the more experimental of you, we’ve found some interesting tropical fruit recipes:

Guava: Originating in Central America or Mexico, Guavas are now very common in Asia and on the streets of Los Angeles. While mostly eaten raw, they are good for making juice, jams and jellies and are rich in fiber and Vitamin C.
How to Eat and Cook with Guava (4 Recipes) from LA Weekly

Kiwi: Originating in China, Kiwis gained popularity after first being commercially produced in New Zealand in the 20th Century. The Chinese gave kiwifruit to children to help the grow and to women to help them recover from childbirth!
Kiwi Cooler from Serious Eats

Mango: The Mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines! We carry both Ataulfo and Tommy Atkins mangos, and you can learn about the differences between them here.
Mango Breakfast Chia Pudding from 101 Cookbooks
Indian Mango Chutney from The Daring Gourmet


Papaya: Like the Guava, the Papaya is native to Mexico and Central America and now is important in the cuisines of parts of Asia. Eat them as is or add some lemon drops.
How to Cut and Eat Papaya from The Spruce Eats
Papaya Recipes from HLB Specialties

Pineapple: Everyone knows about Pineapples, but did you know that they are actually many berries that have grown together and that they are pollinated by hummingbirds and bats in the wild?
Creamy Avocado Lime Smoothies and Mini Stuffed Peppers with Pineapple Salsa from Love & Lemons

Plantains: Plantains are a major food staple in West and Central America, the Caribbean, Central America and part of South America, and can even be made into flour!
Prefect Baked Plantains from A Spicy Perspective
Fried Ripe Plantains from The Spruce Eats


Date: Wednesday February 27, 2019

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