Specials on Meat Just in Time for Grilling Season

Just in time for grilling season, we’re have a sale on a wide variety of meats brought to you from PNW ranchers! Ranchers like North Cascade co-op member Gary Knaus of Doran Farms (one of largest grass-fed beef farms in Whatcom County), are committed to human treatment of their animals, good stewardship of their land and high-quality product for their customers.

Take advantage of the follow sales through June 4:

Salmon Creek Pork
Sirloin Roast, $5.99/lb ($6.99/lb)
Shoulder Steak, $5.49/lb (reg. $7.49/lb)
Pork Belly, $6.99/lb (reg. $7.99/lb)

North Cascades Meat Co-op
Skirt Steak, $12.99/lb (reg. $14.99/lb)
Beef Top Round Steak, $10.99/lb (reg. $13.99/lb)
Top Round London Broil, $9.99/lb ($12.99/lb)

Ellensburg Lamb
Shoulder Blade and Arm Steak, $7.99/lb (reg. $8.99/lb)

Painted Hills
Skirt Steak, $11.99/lb (reg. $13.99/lb)
Tri Tip Steak, $11.99/lb (reg. $15.99/lb)
Trip Tip Roast, $10.99/lb (reg. $11.99/lb)

Uli’s Sausage
Bacon Sausage, Cajun Andouille, Cajun Chicken, Heavy Garlic Chicken, Jalapeno Cheddar, Louisiana Hot Links, Pork Apple, Apple Chicken, Onion Bratwurst, $6.99/lb (reg. $7.99/lb)

Cascadia Natural Chicken
Boneless Skinless Breast Family Pack, Boneless Skinless Thigh Family Pack, Boneless Skinless Breast, Boneless Skinless Thigh, $3.99/lb (reg. $4.49/lb or $4.99/lb)
Ground Breast, Ground Thigh, Breast Stir Fry, Thigh Stir Fry, $4.99/lb (reg. $5.49/lb)

Central Made
Chicken Sausage: Lean Italian, Hot Italian, Hot Chorizo, Lean Chorizo, Breakfast, Lean Breakfast, $4.99/lb (reg. $5.49/lb or $5.99/lb)
Blackened Chicken Breast, $5.49/lb (reg. $10.99/lb)
Chicken Fajitas, $5.99/lb (reg. $12.99/lb)

Date: Tuesday May 21, 2019

Category: Spring

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