Grill Up a Gourmet Labor Day!

Labor Day is not only a good time to celebrate the accomplishments of the American labor movement, it’s also the perfect time to celebrate our delicious Washington produce! Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, green beans and more are at the height of their flavor, so why not include them in your holiday grilling?

Deb Perelman, the popular food blogger behind the Smitten Kitchen, has some great ideas for easy, fancy meals that will help you make the most of the bounties of Washington farmers:

Amanda and Merrill at Food52 have collected some grilled recipes from outside the box:

As usual, Jeanine and Jack at Love & Lemons have your back, vegetarians:

And finally, the food scientists over at Serious Eats have some empirical grilling facts to share with you:

And don't forget the potato salad!


Date: Wednesday August 28, 2019

Category: Summer

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