By the Community, For the Community: Celebrate Co-op Month!

October is the month that we celebrate the over 40,000 cooperatives in the US and their huge positive impact on our communities. Co-ops are businesses created by community members to serve their own needs, and are accountable to and governed by those community members. It's no wonder that co-ops are at the forefront of the socially-conscious business movement, like these you can find on our shelves:

  • Organic Valley: This farmer-owned co-op is now the biggest food brand to source all of the electricity for its owned facilities from 100% renewable energy.
  • Frontier Co-opOwned by the stores that buy their spices and herbs, Frontier helps their supplier communities to improve their equipment, infrastructure, education and health care.
  • Equal Exchange: This worker co-op pays a fair price and is a reliable customer to their coffee, tea and cocoa farmer suppliers, which allows the farmers' co-ops to improve their communities and invest in the future.

Central Co-op takes pride in offering items from these and many other co-ops. Look for the co-op tag to identify more co-op-made products!

Find out more about co-ops with Co-ops 101.

Find out about becoming an owner-member of Central Co-op.

On Friday, October 11 join us for a Co-op Month-themed Adult Wine Tasting, when folks from La Riojana Cooperativa will share their excellent, affordable wines with you!

Date: Thursday October 10, 2019

Category: Co-ops

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