We're celebrating Co-op Month! Because co-ops do business differently.

Central Co-op is a business, but we’re different. We’re independent, democratic, and community-owned, and we’re guided by the Seven Cooperative Principles. We’re here to serve our 13,000 owners, most of whom live in and around our neighborhood, not distant shareholders or a parent corporation.

Central Co-op is democratically driven by those owners, who elect a Board of Trustees and a Nominating Committee to represent them. And we serve our owners with great customer service, wholesome products, and by enriching our community.


Our Product Guidelines

Central Co-op Elections

The Seven Cooperative Principles

From Our Board: Making An Impact through Central Co-op’s Ends

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Not yet an owner? Join our Co-op during the month of October, and get a free co-op pint glass!

Central Co-op is proud to partner with Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery, the West Coast’s very first brewery co-op! In honor of Co-op Month and the grand opening of Flying Bike’s tasting room, we’re releasing special-edition pint glasses! Toast to Central Co-op, Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery, and co-ops everywhere with each sip of your favorite drink.

Join online or in-store, and stop by Central Services to pick up your pint glass! If you join online, please allow 1 business day for processing.

Join now

These special pint glasses will also be available for sale--coming soon!


Principle 6: Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Look for co-ops all around our store! Just a few examples:

In our Deli: Equal Exchange Brewed Coffee and Espresso! We’ve switched our coffees over to worker-owned Equal Exchange, a bastion of the cooperative movement. They are as expert at craft and taste as they are at cooperative business. Enjoy a cup today!

In our Deli: Flying Bike Growler Station, coming soon! That’s right, you don’t have to travel to Greenwood to fill up your co-op growlers! Our new kegerator should be flowing soon so keep an eye out for Flying Bike-Central Co-op growlers.

Around the store: During Co-op Month, look for these Co-op Month shelf tags so you don’t miss a chance to support co-ops!

Owners, thank you for supporting your Co-op!

Central Co-op and our 13,000 owners are showing how powerful we can be when we work together. Your participation helps strengthen our community and our Co-op. Thank you for being a part of our community and making us a part of your lives!


Excited About Co-ops? Read More About Them!

One more wonderful way co-ops provide solutions: Home ownership and keeping workers in the neighborhood. Read more

Date: Wednesday September 30, 2015

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