Announcing co-op beer refills in our Deli!


There's a new brewery in town! Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery just opened their tasting room in Greenwood this summer, and now our new Deli kegerator is flowing with their beer! Cooperative Principle 6 (Cooperation Among Cooperatives) just got even more delicious.

Currently on tap: Fly-PA IPA and Storm Cycle Cascadian Dark Ale (subject to change)

For a limited time only, get a combo deal when you buy a co-op growler (pictured above) and fill it up:

  • Co-op growler + beer: $19.99/ea
  • Growler refill 64 oz: $14.99/ea
  • Grolwer refill 32 oz: $7.99/ea

(Prices subject to change)

Are you a Co-op owner yet? Join during the month of October, and get a free co-op pint glass! They're also available for sale, so you can toast to cooperation with ever sip of your favorite drink.

  • Co-op pint glass: $4.99/ea

Central Co-op is proud to practice Cooperative Principle 6, Cooperation Among Cooperatives, in such a delicious way. Happy National Co-op Month!

Three cheers for member-driven beer!

What better way to celebrate Co-op Month than to raise a pint of cooperative beer? After five years of organizing, planning, fundraising, and build-out, Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery opened the West Coast’s first community-owned brewery and tasting room on August 15. And, with more than 1,500 members, it is safe to say that they are already truly a Seattle institution!

Flying Bike’s mission is: “To foster a cooperative craft beer community to learn about, create, and appreciate a diverse selection of quality beers.” Members of Flying Bike have a voice in the decision-making process, as different kinds of beers are considered. They will also have access to classes on topics like ingredients, styles, tasting notes, food pairings, and the brewing process. Members who home-brew can submit their own recipes to compete to be included on the taps, and the whole membership tastes and votes for the winning beer. In addition to all these great opportunities to participate, Flying Bike members may also receive patronage dividends based on their patronage of the brewery in years when the cooperative is profitable.

The taps in their tasting room will be growing in number and rotating through a variety of beers as the months go by, but to give you a taste of what to expect, check out the beers that they’ve had on tap:

  • Airship Pale Hoppy with a hint of citrus and plenty of malt
  • Fly-PA Hoppy and bitter
  • Bike Rye'd Saison Fruity and citrusy with a light body
  • Storm Cycle CDA Classic West Coast black IPA

As they go about making delicious beers and providing a great place to enjoy them, Flying Bike is already bringing many additional benefits to the community by fostering growth and diversity in the craft beer industry, emphasizing sustainability in their business, and actively collaborating with other neighborhood and community businesses. Next time you are in Greenwood, stop by and visit this exciting new cooperative business at 8570 Greenwood Ave N. You can stay for a pint, or fill up a growler and go! For more information, or to join Flying Bike as a member yourself, visit:

Date: Monday October 19, 2015

Category: In The Co-op

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