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Wintry Brews: Beers Perfect for the Season

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Winter brings chilly air, deep grey skies, long dark nights, and seemingly interminable rain. My favorite way to combat the lack of sunshine and warmth is to cozy up with a loved one and bottle of winter warmer ale.

Originating in soggy old England, this beer style is characterized by rich, roasted malt, a full mouthfeel, robust alcohol (usually between 6 and 10 percent), and a lingering, festive finish. Some are done in the “wassail” style with added spice, and many of our favorite breweries produce a Pacific Northwest style with extra hops for robust bitterness and brightness.

Whichever style suits you best, these fine brews are an aptly named source of solace for the winter blues. Beer lovers, I invite you to hail the return of the sun with one of our winter warmers. Here are some of my favorites:

Peddler Brewing Company
Snow Beer'd Winter Ale

8% | Ballard, Seattle | 22oz

Born in the frosty depths of Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, this winter warmer forgoes experiments with fruit and spice for an avalanche of dark roasted malts and northwest hops. This beer will stand up to even the iciest winter maelstrom.
$5.99 | 16th & Madison store

  Pelican Brewing Company
Bad Santa Cascadian Dark Ale

7.5% | Tillamook, OR | 22 oz

A truly Cascadian take on the winter warmer, at 75 IBUs this beer will appeal to those of us enraptured by the hoppy IPA. The hops are well balanced with a hefty dose of malty richness, creating a well-rounded black IPA.
$6.99 | Both stores

Reuben’s Brews
Roasted Rye IPA

7% | Ballard, Seattle | 22 oz

Another classic PNW style winter warmer, with an elegant balance of hops and malt. The astute drinker will be delighted by notes of chocolate, roast, and caramel, replete with a warm mouthfeel and a pleasant, lingering finish.
$5.99 | 16th & Madison store

     St. Bernardus
Christmas Ale

10% | Watou, Belgium | 750 ml

This is one of the first beers with which I ever fell in love. Blacker than a cloudy January night in Seattle, with a creamy head, velvety mouthfeel, and fruity notes in the bouquet, this is a crowd pleaser that will ferry you through the dreariest days of winter and impress even the most skeptical of beer nerds. A classic winter ale from one of the world’s top breweries.
$13.99 | 16th & Madison store

Three Magnets Brewing
Wreathing Havoc Imperial
Red Rye Winter Ale

9.4% | Olympia | 22 oz

Clad in one of the best beer labels I’ve ever seen, this imperial red ale packs a wallop of rye, is pleasantly sweet without being cloy, and finishes with subtle notes of spiced rum and toffee.
$7.99 | Both stores



Picks From Around the Co-op


Wellness Manager
16th & Madison

Stacking Mugs
These huge mugs with bright cheery designs are perfect for mega-sized tea or hot chocolate!
$7.99 each

Gaia Herbs
Black Elderberry Syrup

This is a great-tasting immune support syrup. USDA Certified Organic. Take by the teaspoon or add to tea, carbonated water, or prosecco for a delicious, nutritious drink. Nighttime version also available.
3 oz | $21.99


Front End Clerk
6th Avenue

It Tastes Raaw
Passion Fruit Wheatgrass

This drink is my go-to pick-me-up when my energy is low. Sweet, tart, and green, all in one!
$3.19 each


Grocery Manager
16th & Madison

Keep It Real Food Co.
No‑Grain Granola

This hand-crafted, paleo-friendly granola is great for a hearty winter breakfast. Made with seeds, nuts, dried coconut, and apples, it’s high in protein and fiber and low in sugar and carbohydrates. It’s especially delicious over yogurt or kefir, or served hot with milk or cream.
Bulk $18.99/lb
12 oz bags $10.99


Produce Clerk
6th Avenue

A mild onion flavor makes a perfect classic quiche—add leek finely chopped into your favorite quiche recipe. My favorite is: Three eggs, heavy cream, and some ham and cheese baked at 375° for one hour--amazing!

Elephant Garlic
Larger and milder than regular garlic. Roasts to perfection and makes a great spread for bread. Cover one head of garlic in olive oil and a little sea salt, thyme, and basil leaves, wrap in foil and bake for one hour and 15 minutes at 425°. Delicious!


Produce Manager
16th & Madison

TDE Tangerines
They have a bright, sweet-tart flavor and taste like the California sun on a dreary Northwest day. They are a triple-cross mix from a Temple tangor, and Dancy and Encore tangerines, and are mostly seedless with an easy-to-peel rind. Look for them from February through March.


Meat & Seafood Manager
16th & Madison

Salmon Creek Pork Tenderloin
There are so many different ways to cook a good tenderloin: Stuffed, baked, seared, or cut into thick or thin slices. I think it’s especially great with apple sauce on the side. We have a bunch of recipes to choose from--just stop by our department.

Date: Tuesday February 02, 2016

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