Purple Asparagus Adds a Seasonal Flourish to Your Table

Purple asparagus: now available at 16th & Madison, and coming soon to 6th Ave!

It’s that glorious time of year when the Produce Department is bursting with new colors and scents every day as fresh fruits and vegetables roll in. A peak moment during this explosive season is when the first stalks of purple asparagus grace our shelves—even though they tend to fly off the shelves just as quickly.

Cooks love purple asparagus for its sweet flavor and tender texture, and for that extra pop it gives to your plate. The beautiful color comes from anthocyanins, a family of brightly colored flavonoids. These pigmented phytonutrients already have a long history in folk medicine, and are being studied for their disease-preventing properties today. Purple asparagus is also high in vitamins, potassium, and cell-protecting folate!

To add a delicious, healthful flourish to any food event this season, just sub in purple asparagus in any of these recipes:

Park or Patio Party: Grilled Veggies with Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette 

Light Fare and Drinks: Asparagus Antipasto Platter 

Dinner at Home: Chicken and Asparagus Roulade 

Summer Potluck Winner: Snow Pea and Asparagus Salad with Ginger-Cardamom Dressing 

Date: Monday May 23, 2016

Category: In The Co-op

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