Nothing Beats Washington Cherries

What do we love about cherries?

"I like that they signify the season. They make me think of early summer.” – Aaron, Owner Services Manager.

“They’re so convenient! They come in their own little compostable package with a stem to hold onto and everything.” – Meg, Sustainable Product Advocate

"I like to have seed spitting contests with my sister. And they’re delicious. They're like the original fruit snack, before fruit snacks were fruit snacks." – Maria, Community Outreach Administrator

“When you have a good Rainier cherry, it’s unlike anything else.” – Shelby, Produce Manager

Cherry season is here!

Our customers crave fresh cherries year-round, but these treats are strictly seasonal, and getting them to market is no easy task. Finicky little fruits, cherries need to be pampered throughout growing season. One of our favorite stories comes from the larger orchards after it rains: to dry the cherries off so they don’t start splitting down the middle, some farmers will actually hire a helicopter to fly over the orchard!

We know why farmers go to such great lengths: because Washington grows the sweetest, juiciest cherries around. They’re one of our most prized exports, especially our home-bred Rainier cherries. Rainiers’ sweet, tasty flavor combined with their creamy texture make them unrivaled on the cherry scene. That’s why everyone gets so excited when we see those yellow-pink gems start rolling in!

Cherries are also full of natural healing compounds. Here are three health reasons to eat more cherries from Best Health:

1. Ease aching joints

Cherries’ rich red color comes from anthocyanins—the antioxidants found in grapes and red wine—that inhibit enzymes associated with inflammation, and may help soothe soreness linked to muscle and joint pain.

2. Guard your colon

These mighty fruits also contain quercetin, which is a flavonoid with anti-carcinogenic activity. New research in the Journal of Nutrition found it helps prevent damaging lesions—thought to be a predictor of tumors—from forming in the colon.

3. Control cholesterol

All cherries are high in pectin, a soluble fiber that helps to prevent heart disease by lowering “bad” cholesterol.

Cherries are now available at both of our stores. Pick up a bag on the way to your next beach picnic, hike, or BBQ! 


Date: Tuesday June 14, 2016

Category: In The Co-op

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