Our Treats Have No Tricks!

As Halloween grows nearer, it is time to think of how you will keep the goblins at bay! With our organic, gluten-free, and artificial coloring-free bags of candy, it should be easy to please any kids (or adult kids) who want some treats this Halloween. Stop in today and grab some bags!  We even have some cute little grocery totes with Jack-o-lantern faces on them that would make great treat bags. (and of course...get your carving pumpkin)! 

Got your pumpkin already carved?  Is it looking sad already?  Try these two eco-friendly tips:

  • Coat insides with Dr. Bronner's peppermint dish soap. Dilute one tablespoon of peppermint dish soap in a quart of  cool water. Soak pumpkin, or pour solution into a spray bottle and lightly mist interior. Peppermint acts as an antifungal and will help to slow down the decomposition process.
  • If your pumpkin is starting to look a little sad already and you JUST carved it, fear not! Try soaking the pumpkin in a cold water bath and leave it in your fridge overnight.  If it has been less than a week since carving, this should spruce it back up!  

Having a CREEPY Halloween Party?!  We got all your supplies for that as well.  We have pumpkin candles, pumpkin beer, pumpkin chips and salsa, and...well...pumpkin everything!  Bobbing for apples?  Try loading your barrel with our delicious pizzaz apples, from Collins Family Orchards!  They are sweet, dense, and crunchy which will help give your bobbers the strategic (and delicious) advantage. 

Part of our love for Halloween this year extends to Broadway's funtastic Hilloween where we are sponsoring a fun activity! Look for our stop at the event while you are trick-or-treating with the family or friends.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all from Central Co-op!

Date: Tuesday October 18, 2016

Category: Fall

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