Pre-Order Cases from Wellness for Owner Discount Days

Owners: September 4 is the last day to pre-order cases of items to pick up during your Owner Discount Days (ODD) shop and get 15% off!

When considering which items to order cases of for ODD, consider something from the Wellness Department. Bar soaps and personal care products are 12 per case in most instances, but some items, including many supplements, are only 6 per case. Order more of your favorite supplements from us or consider these options:

  • 1 gallon of bulk soap is 10% off case discount anytime and 15% off for ODD
  • Our ever-popular Epsom salt is only 6 per case. 
  • Cases of canning jars (12/case)
  • We have great sales on Garden of Life protein powders (6/case) and Jason brand toothpaste (6/case), which become even more affordable with your 15% off!

You can also special order many more supplements that we might not carry regularly. Just ask our friendly Wellness staff!

Take some time before September 4 and consider what YOU need a bunch of, then order at our Central Services desk or by calling 206-329-1545 (Seattle) or 253-888-4288 (Tacoma).

Date: Wednesday February 15, 2017

Category: Co-ops

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