Preserving the Tile Wall Project

When Central Co-op moved into its current Seattle store in 1998, a wall of tiles was erected at the entrance to commemorate the donations of people and organizations who contributed to the capital campaign that allowed us to move into the location. For years, this wall of tiles has stood as a testament to the investment that many members of the community made to opening our store on Capitol Hill. We are now working on creating a digital archive of images from that tile wall.

In the next few weeks, our landlord will begin work to update the front of the building and make the store more accessible. An unfortunate side effect of these upcoming improvements being done by our landlord is that they will require the removal of the wall in order to install a new indoor staircase to our parking garage.

In order to continue to honor our donors’ support, we will be working to preserve images of these tiles so they can continue to be displayed. Starting today, Sue, Central Co-op’s graphic designer, will be taking high-resolution photographs of each tile, using professional lighting equipment in order to preserve each tile's unique character. This process will take approximately three days and will give us a digital archive of all of the tile images so we can share these images with the people named on the tiles. In addition, Sue will use the images to create a new piece of art to be displayed in the store after construction is completed.

We have done our best to contact everyone who has a tile on the wall. If you were a donor to our campaign and have a tile on the wall, please contact Central Services and we can provide you a photo of your tile. We look forward to seeing the final product of Sue’s efforts to recognize the support of our friends. You’re likely to see Sue busy with lights and a big ladder at the front of the store through the end of this week!

For updates on the Landlord’s Improvement Project click here!

Date: Wednesday March 01, 2017

Category: In The Co-op

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