The Landlord Improvement Project has begun!

The Landlord Improvement Project has begun! This week Central Co-op shoppers will notice wooden walls going up at the front of store to enclose the area where work will begin. The contractors for our landlord, Madison Crossing, LLC, will eventually be enclosing the front of the store so that there will be a single entrance from the street, the parking garage stair and the elevator, as well as improving our elevator to make the store more accessible. The gaps in the wooden walls will be sealed to prevent dust from entering the store and will minimize the sound of construction, although you may hear some noise as you check out during construction hours.

We will be painting the interior temporary walls using paint from Colorhouse, an Oregon-based, woman-owned maker of environmentally-friendly paint. Their paint is manufactured at a LEED Gold manufacturing facility and is LEED compliant, Green Wise certified, MPI Extreme Green certified, and South Coast Air Quality Management District Super Compliant. This means that Colorhouse paint has been recognized by multiple third parties for their environmental, health and performance attributes. Although, in the short-term, shoppers will be able to smell the paint, it is 0-VOC and carcinogen-free, has no harmful chemicals and no added solvents.

We will also be decorating them to make them fun and attractive and using them as a place to post information about the project. So keep your eye out for ongoing updates and watch with us as our store improves!

If you have questions or find that you need extra help during this project, do not hesitate to ask our staff. They will be more than happy to help you.

Date: Thursday April 13, 2017

Category: In The Co-op

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