Make mealtime easier! Here are 6 ideas from our freezer aisle.

Have you checked out our freezer aisle lately? We're stocked with meals and ingredients for lunch on the go or quicker dinner. Here are six of our favorites.

  1. Vegetables like broccoli raab, kale, brussel sprouts, sugar snap peas, and okra can be tossed into a hot pan for an easy stir-fry or sautée.

  2. Heartier veggies like butternut squash, black-eyed peas, and beets are a snap to toss into soups.

  3. Mix it up! The organic mushroom mix with shitake, shimeiji, abalone, and field mushrooms is also a delicious, easy addition to your frying pan. You can also get frozen shitakes on their own.

  4. Go big--or small! We also sell organic frozen blueberries, peas, and corn in bulk, so you can save some dough and get just as much as you need.

  5. New! Tres Pupusas tasty, gluten-free stuffed tortillas are made with organic, non-GMO corn masa. The Black Bean and Sweet Corn pupusas are vegan! Originating from El Salvador, pupusas are traditionally served with a side of curtidoand salsa roja.

  6. EVOL burritos are delicious, and their chicken, beef, pork, eggs, and cheese come from animals raised on US family farms. Their grains, vegetabls, and oils are GMO-free! 



Date: Wednesday June 24, 2015

Category: Tips & Ideas

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