Breaking Up Concrete

Ever in the store and wonder what’s going on with the Landlord Improvement Project? Well, now you can find out by referring the whiteboard at the front of the store. There the construction super, Al, will be letting us know what the workers are up to today and anything else we should be aware of regarding the construction. And if today’s message is any indication, he will also be supplying thought-provoking quotes from people like Thoreau!

As you can see, Al has warned us that it will get a little loud during parts of today. That’s because the workers are breaking up the concrete that made up the floor of the area right outside our Madison Street door. They are doing this because they will eventually enclose that area, with a new floor in front of our new stairs (see drawing below). After the project is done there will be one larger entrance, an enclosed staircase, and an elevator to the parking ramp that will not make you reverse directions with your cart to get in and out.  

Workers at our registers have said they are surprised at how moderate the construction noise has been. Laura at the Central Services desk says, “It seems like the workers are usually done by the afternoon, so I haven’t noticed it much.”

The construction workers should be done breaking up the concrete this week or early next week. Remember that we are open regular hours during construction and there is no work being done in the evening or on the weekends.

More details on the Landlord Improvement Project.

Date: Thursday April 27, 2017

Category: In The Co-op

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