Summer Apples from the Okanogan are Here!

The naturally warm sunny climate of the Okanogan Country of Washington makes it possible for farmers to grow some of the best quality fruit and produce available anywhere in the world. This includes summer apples grown by the Okanogan Producers Marketing Association (OPMA), which we are happy to be offering right now!

Founded in 2006, OPMA is a co-op of five small farms working together, sharing resources, equipment, knowledge, expertise, marketing and sales. We value our relationship with these hard-working Washington growers and are proud to bring the fruits of their labors to you!

Summer apples are fresh and tart with intense flavors, more savory and usually smaller than apples that mature in the fall. Here is a tasting guide to some of the apples we have from OPMA right now, with information courtesy of Orange Pippin and Adam’s Apples:

Swiss Gourmet (aka Arlet): A modern Golden Delicious-style apple, developed in Switzerland.  The flavor is pleasant and juicy, reasonably well balanced between sharp and sweet, but essentially mild.

Zestar!: Developed by the University of Minnesota breeding program, Zestar! has a sweet-tart taste and a hint of brown sugar flavoring.  The flesh is white with a crisp texture, and while a nice texture for cooking the apple does tend to brown fairly quickly.

Sweet Sixteen: Extremely sweet with just a bit of zing and a firm, crisp, aromatic flesh. They have an anise flavor that makes for a unique apple tasting experience. 

Early Gold: The yellow flesh, medium-to-fine-grained, is firm but more tender than crunchy. Mild, well-balanced flavors of honeyed pear and a whiff of cooked pumpkin and oranges make Early Gold an interesting montage of the season.

Redfree: Balanced sweet flavor with a bit of zing but very mild over all. Outstanding texture when eaten out of hand.

Monarch: For pies, purées, apple jacks and crumbles this apple has no equal - and needs no sugar! Light, fluffy and full of juice, this variety cooks quickly. This apples also makes a great apple butter 

Sansa: Sweet and juicy, with just a little tang, and it is considered best for fresh eating. 

Date: Friday September 01, 2017

Category: Fresh Pick

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