Member Benefits

Ways to Save

10% Coupons – Members receive two 10% coupons to use on the shopping trip of their choice each year

Case Discount – Save 10% when you preorder a case. Members can combine the case discount with their seasonal coupon! Tacoma shoppers can preorder cases in-store, Seattle shoppers should preorder cases online.

Free Chinook Book subscription – From September 2020, through August 2021, members can access a free one year digital subscription to the Chinook Book including great coupons for Central Co-op as well as hundreds of other local businesses. For more information on how to access your subscription please email us at: info (at) centralcoop (dot) coop.

Ways to Engage

Run for the Nominating Committee: Be active in recruiting new Board Members and help shape the future of the Co-op.

Run for the Board of Trustees: Represent your fellow owners and take part in the Co-op's long-term planning.

Vote in Co-op elections: Elect board members, nominating committee members, and more.

Attend our member-only events, including classes, movie nights and more.

A Return on Your Investment

Patronage Dividends – In years that the co-op is profitable, members can receive a dividend back based on the amount they have spent at the co-op.

Healthy Community Program Members and shoppers living on a restricted income can receive 10% off their shopping at the Co-op in an effort to increase food access and food security throughout our communities.

Supporting Local Vendors We have hundreds of local vendors on our shelves, and many of them get their start at the Co-op, because we are able to support smaller businesses who might not be able to provide the volume needed for a larger network of stores. You make this possible by choosing to support these vendors with your shopping choices.

Community Partners Each year, Central Co-op chooses several Central Community Partners, and through financial contributions and outreach, we work together to sustain, nourish, and empower healthy communities in and around Tacoma and Seattle.


Membership Details

Equity Investment – All members invest $100 equity into Central Co-op; this can be paid all at once or in 10 monthly instalments.

Equity Refunds – Any member can request a refund of their equity at any point in time, for any reason.

Member of Record – There can only be a single individual as the member of record that holds the rights to the membership. Members can identify additional household members that are allowed to shop on their account.

Transferability – Membership is non-transferable.

Communication Authorization – Members permit Central Co-op to contact them regarding important Co-op matters such as our Annual Elections and Patronage Dividends. Please use our forms online or in-store to keep your contact information up to date and let us know your contact preferences.

Co-op Governance

Voter eligibility – You are eligible to vote in Central Co-op elections if you are the member of record, are current in your equity payments and have shopped at the co-op in the last year.

Board meetings – Are open to all members in good standing. Meeting dates and times are posted on our calendars online, in-store, and in our newsletters.

Board Service – If you are interested in serving on our Board or Nominating Committee, please visit our Governance page or email: nominatingcommittee (at) centralboard (dot) coop.

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