Make Chili Flakes from Alvarez Peppers

It’s pepper season in the Yakima Valley, and the Alvarez family are recognized experts on the fine art of growing peppers in Washington. Wesley, our Operations Director, shares his experience drying Alvarez chili peppers:

Alvarez Organic Farms grows so many awesome chilis, but they only come around once a year. This year, to preserve the flavor until next season, I tried making my own chili flakes out of some of their Hungarian Goathorn Peppers.

It was pretty easy, besides all the waiting. All I had to do was top the peppers and throw them in my dehydrator at 135 degrees. It took about 30 hours all said and done for them to dry, and I knew they were done when they crumbled when I squeezed them. Once they were dry, I put them through my food processor and processed until they were about the texture of chili flakes. Be careful with this part! I held my breath, and still got a little sneezy. It might have been smart to use a leftover dust mask from smoke season!


All said and done, my pound and a half of peppers made about four ounces of chili flakes. It doesn't look like an impressive amount, but this much will certainly last me until next pepper season and I'll get to enjoy Alvarez chilis all year!

Date: Wednesday September 12, 2018

Category: Tips & Ideas

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